Prayer for Refugee Children

Prayer for Refugee Children

Dear God,

I know that there are many countries that don’t know what to do with refugees. Refugees are people that were living in a really dangerous situation, and they were forced to leave their home and find a new place to live. Sometimes they traveled on foot through desert or forest. Sometimes they traveled across water, in a boat that was overloaded with other refugees, and took a scary trip to find a new home.

I pray that you will protect these people in their journey, Please help other countries to help these refugees and put them in a safe place until they can get healthier and then get going again. They need homes, jobs, food, and schools. Please inspire other people to be generous and sympathetic, and take action to help refugees.

Please help leaders of other countries, to make their countries safe so that people are not forced to leave. This is a tragic situation happening in many countries across the world.

Dear God, please help these families and these children. I have faith in you. Show me if there is anything that I can do to help.

Thank you,