I am free from fear!

I am free from fear!

God wants us to cast our anxiety on him, because he cares for us. Is this something that you can do? Try saying a prayer that will free you from your anxiety and fear. Sometimes we are so afraid, and the words just don’t come to us.

God is always listening. Our prayers do not have to be perfect. They don’t even have to be ‘correct’, good or right. A prayer is a conversation with God. You can talk to him the same way that you talk to your mom or dad, sister, brother or friend.

Your prayer could go something like this:

Feeling Sick: Dear God, I don’t feel well today. I guess I have to go to school anyway. Please help me get going, and make me feel better, right away, please, if it is your will. Thank you!

Trouble at home: Dear God, I’m worried about someone that I love. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know if there is anything that anyone can do. Please help them, they are a good person, and they really need you. Thank you God!

Feeling alone: Dear God, I feel alone. Everyone says that you are out there. Please send me a little sign just so that I know it’s you. I really need to know that you are here, and you know about me. Thank you.

I messed up! Dear God, I make a mistake and did something that hurt someone. I didn’t mean to. Now, everything is really messed up. People are mad at me. Will you please reach down and fix things? I don’t know what to do. Whenever I try, I make things worse. I really need you. Please help me. Thank you.

My Pet is missing: Dear God, my pet is missing. My little friend is out there somewhere in the neighborhood all alone. Will you please help me find my pet? Please send them back to me, or let someone find them and take care of them for me. Thank you! Amen.