Be Strong!

Be Strong!

Look to the Lord for strength. How do we do that?

Say a prayer out loud, or in your head. Sometimes you can kick start this if you go for a walk, run, dance a little, and have a self talk. Think about your accomplishments. Think about the good things that have occurred to you, the good people that have helped you. This will take focus off the thing that was making you feel weak.

Manage your thoughts. You may have to change your environment; you can go to a quiet place or a noisy place. Some people ‘think’ best when there is ambient noise or distractions, like a coffee shop or even a loud television in their room. If you need a quiet place, take a hot bath or walk in the park. Regardless of the place you choose, control your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts control you.

Think of all of the the good things about you. This is a reminder of how you made it through past challenges. Think about blessings that you have received. Blessings can be something as simple as; I am in good health. I have food and water. I have a home. I have a job. I have friends. If you have any of these things, you are likely doing better than most people in the world.

While this thought alone may not make you feel better, it’s the beginning of realizing that you CAN accomplish then next thing. You have a good foundation.

And guess what, you CAN accomplish this ‘thing’ that is bothering you.

Now say the prayer that will help you. It can be something like this; Dear God, I need you. I need your strength. Yes I need you every day, but I really need you right now for this problem that I am facing. I think I know what to do, but please lead me. I want what you want. Your will is my will. Please give me the strength that I need.

I know that if I draw closer to you, you will draw closer to me. Help me to do that, I cannot do it by myself.

Thank you, Amen.