Do not TOUCH [Claymation]

Do not TOUCH [Claymation]

Animation by DarkCr0w

Who is Dark Crow?

En Espanol: Creador de cine cutre, barato, pretencioso, innecesariamente violento y demasiado extraño. Todo ello con pasion y muerte.

In English: Creator of trashy, cheap, pretentious, unnecessarily violent and overly strange cinema. All of it with passion and death.

He’s on YouTube

I discovered Dark Crow when I was getting started in Claymation on YouTube over a year ago. I was not doing very well, animating mostly Barbie Dolls, or doing digital art, and my traffic was very low on my site. I got into Claymation and was doing simple YouTube shorts that had one character, no setting, and no sound effects.

Claymation Style

DarkCr0w showed up in my YouTube feed and I fell in love with his claymation style. The sound effects, the heavy breathing, facial expressions, and intriguing plots were just awesome.

I started deploying many of his tactics …

and I began to really enjoy Claymation. This particular video just took off on YouTube.