Greater is God that is in me!

Greater is God that is in me!

The Bible tells us that God is in us, and we are in him. He is in us. That means that there is some part of God’s spirit that is available for us to draw from. His knowledge, strength, love, and peace. How do we access this wealth of goodness? Pray to God. Maybe something like this:

Dear God,

Are you really in me? Please help me understand how you can help me every day, in this world. I want to help others. I know that we are all connected, we are all one. You are a part of this. Please help me to find you, within me, and help me to be all that you want me to be. I want your words, I want to know your will. I want to be able to say the things that will bring peace, confidence, and power to me , my family and friends. I want your will, please show me what that is.

I want to know the You, that is in Me.