Can You Bake Crystals in Clay?

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? A little Swarovski crystal can really set off a pendants. And let’s face it, a polymer clay dragon is practically begging to have his magic embellished. So sooner or later new clayers ask the question, can you bake crystals in clay? Yes, usually, you can. But there are several of types of crystals and each one needs to be used a little differently. A related question to baking crystals in polymer clay is baking other sorts of embellishments in clay, such as stones and glass beads, so I’ll address these in this article as well. Can You Bake Crystals in Clay? Polymer clay bakes with low heat in a home oven at 275°F (135°C), this is unlikely to damage most crystals, stones, gems, and rocks. Some delicate crystals may discolor, so it’s best to test a small crystal sample before baking a […]

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