The Obamas Seem To Be Extremely Unmoved By Twitter’s #Obamagate

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images. To say it’s been a strange week on Twitter would be quite the understatement. People on the platform have dragged Greta Thunberg , tried to “cancel” Cole Sprouse for no apparent reason, and, for three days now, #Obamagate has been trending, egged on by the president himself. But it should be noted: nobody can explain what Obamagate is, aside from Obama committing “the biggest political crime in American history,” according to President Trump . What, exactly is that crime? Good question! For their part, the Obamas seem completely unbothered by the whole thing — which, they should be. On Thursday, former first lady Michelle Obama sent out a tweet showing the full extent of how unconcerned with the attacks on Obama’s presidency the couple is — which she demonstrated by completely ignoring them. Instead, the iconic duo read a children’s book for a soothing five […]

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