TechLabs TL1 SWARM robotics kit hits Kickstarter

a new robotics kit is launched via Kickstarter today with the aim of raising the required funds needed to make the jump from concept into production. The inexpensive robotics learning platform kit designed to work with the Micro:Bit, fully supported with lesson plans and class content. “TechLabs has been developing and delivering award-winning content to use in our after-school, holiday-camp and workshop programs. The content – in the form of software, lesson plans, curricula, student handouts, presentation materials, has so far been used in conjunction with hardware provided by third party vendors of robotics kits, 3D Printed parts, and other physical classroom materials. We set out to create a kit that is low-cost and provides a long “runway” of possible educational interactions which emphasize the most in-demand skills in the EdTech/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) space today: collaboration, design-thinking and project-oriented approaches.” “For years, we have been working […]

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