The Fresh Squad DELUXE SET Doll – MALIK

ONLY SOLD ONLINE Malik has medium, walnut toned brown skin, real braided hair and a super cool goatee and mustache. He comes dressed in an amazing pair of denim jeans, paired with a white T-shirt and red and black checkered flannel layered on top. He finishes the look with red studded fresh squad sneakers. This Deluxe Set comes with an Exclusive, black, Fresh Squad bomber jacket, for mix and match possibilities, and some BRAND NEW, Exclusive Fresh Tech accessories, like a Fresh Laptop and cell phone!! Malik is the perfect addition to any Fresh Doll Family!! Finally. A black, dreadlock male 12″ doll. He is super handsome, fully articulated (except no twist at the waist which is no big deal) and looks good in all the clothes I make for him! As I rediscover my love the 1/6 scale dolls, I couldn’t be happier with this new line. I […]

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