Sea turtles and God

Dear God please save the Sea turtles. Save all of the beautiful creatures in the ocean. You created them. Our garbage, loaded with plastics that won’t ever go away, are killing them. Companies dump their toxic waste into our waterways that dump into the ocean.

This seems like something that is so terrible and big, that it will never go away. I know that you can do anything, so please do this. You said that whenever two or more are gathered in your name you will listen. I pray that others will see this prayer, and say it regularly, so please listen out for this prayer and do all that you can so that the creatures in the sea will not suffer.

I will do my part, and reduce my use of these unnecessary plastics. I won’t use plastic straws. I will recycle. I will not be a litter bug, I will never throw trash down on the street, in the parks, in the streams and rivers.

Thank you Jesus and God. Amen.