Greater is He….

Greater is He that is within me, than He that is within the world.

Dear God, you are in me. You are HE that is within me. You give me strength, wisdom, faith, peace, protection. I am safe within your walls.

On days that I feel frightened, please remind me that you are in control. You will give me the words ( or silence) when the time comes.

You will open doors for me, when other doors are closed.

I walk by Faith, not by Sight. You are great, you are within me, and you are more powerful than any bad things that are going on out there in the world. Thank you God!

I pray for those that need your strength today, may know that you are carrying them when they are too weak to stand, please protect them, and then help them to realize that what they have within, is greater than what is out there in the world. Amen!