What to Do With Your Kids During Coronavirus Closures

Verywell / Bailey Mariner It’s safe to say that none of us were ready for the widespread effects of coronavirus in the U.S. , least of all working parents with kids in school or daycare. All families have been impacted by the outbreak in some way, whether it’s schools closing, employers shutting down businesses (or not), the shortages of food, supplies, and medications, or the strict rules around social isolating. If you’re wondering what you’re actually supposed to do with your kids 24/7 in the wake of mass closings, schedule changes, and instructions to self-isolate from everyone you know and love, we’re here to help. Scenario: You’re Working From Home With Your Kids Your employer gave the go-ahead to work from home, but that’s turning out to be a nightmare. Your kids were playing ball inside during your conference call, demanding lunch when you had a memo to submit, […]

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