Teaching Children to be Respectful of their Peers

Children who have respect instilled in them while growing up turn up to be more adaptive conflict-resilient people who find a way from difficult situations much easier. They are also less inclined to bully others in school and more likely to stand up for others. As you can see, respect isn’t something auxiliary, like subtleties of etiquette. It’s an essential value and ability that we must teach our children. The very basic formula of respect is empathy + recognizing other person’s boundaries. Here I should note that by “empathy” I mean a conscious ability to put oneself in the mind of another individual and imagine what they are thinking or feeling, not just “ emotional contagion ” that is innate (when a baby hears another baby crying, she starts crying as well). Therefore, teaching kids respect is basically teaching them conscious empathy and boundaries. Here are some ways to […]

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