Reducing, Reusing, Recycling Plastic Is Not Enough – Innovate!

Reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic is no longer enough to reverse the damage we’ve done. Solution? Innovate! Over the last five decades, the global production of plastic has outpaced the manufacturing of any other material. Plastic, a material with great cost-effectiveness and excellent versatility, has become the world’s most used material. On the other hand, the environmental problems associated with the manufacturing, use, and misuse, of plastic are tremendously higher. Plastic is everywhere, from plastic straws to shoes and grocery bags, and from shampoo bottles to toothbrushes, and food wrapping. Even worse, it is not just the making of plastic that’s impacting the planet, but also the way we’re dealing with it once disposed of. Instead of being recycled and reused, 95 per cent of the world’s plastic packaging ends up in the oceans – according to the World Economic Forum’s report ‘ The New Plastics Economy ‘. Recycling […]

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