How does coronavirus affect kids, babies and pregnancies?

Kids seem less likely to catch COVID-19 than adults and the illness generally isn’t as bad for them. We’ve heard a lot about how COVID-19 is worst in elderly people and those with pre-existing medical conditions, but what about kids, babies and pregnancies? The short answer is that youngsters tend to have a much lower risk of severe illness or dying from the new coronavirus, which is reassuring. “Children will undoubtedly get infected but the probability that they will come to serious grief from this seems very low,” said Peter Collignon, professor of infectious diseases at the Australian National University medical school. Here’s what we know about the risk to kids, infants, and pregnant mothers and their babies. Children and COVID-19 Kids (including teens) have the lowest risk of dying from COVID-19 out of all age groups, and have lower rates of illness at the more severe end of […]

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