3 Approaches to the Coronavirus (and Which Is Smartest)

“Don’t try to calm the storm. Calm yourself. The storm will pass.” ~Buddha As we all now know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading globally. It is a serious threat, less because of the raw numbers involved (as of March 22, 2020, there are less than 340,000 known infected cases with a global population of over 7 billion people), but more because the trajectory is dangerous, the spread is exponential, and the growth occurs very quickly. The virus contained would not have been that big of a deal. The virus spreading is a big deal. It is now clear the virus is spreading far and wide quickly. The main issue is that the hospitals in affected areas don’t have the capacity to treat the huge spike in coronavirus cases. We have already seen this in Italy: People are dying because there are not enough ventilators and other medical resources […]

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