Where Do Your Clothes Come From? #Blockchain #Supplychain #Wearable

You can pretty quickly find the “Made in ___” on your clothes, but where does the fabric come from….the tread, the dye? A children’s clothing line uses blockchain technology to track materials and garments. The hope is to minimize the footprint and maximize transparency. The blockchain company Resonce helped Little Minkoff with the system for its clothing manufacturing. Via Fast Company : Finally, Resonance has digitized this entire process by building a blockchain-based software platform that allows a brand to trace any individual garment from its raw materials all the way to the customer’s doorstep. The platform uses artificial intelligence to learn from customers’ behaviors and feed that data back to the brand. (A dress might be particularly popular, for instance, while another might be more likely to be returned because it doesn’t fit well.) So far, Rebecca Minkoff is the largest brand on the Resonance platform. Others include […]

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