We Need Nature Now More Than Ever

You’ve probably noticed that the world is a pretty crazy place right now. An understatement, I know. It is particularly crazy for those of us working in adventure travel. It seems that every day there’s another country announcing they’re closing their doors or suspending entry visas or shuttering tourist sites. Just a month ago, we spent our days in the office talking about polar bears and butterflies and wolves. Nowadays, from dawn to dusk—and later—we’re rebooking flights, rearranging complex foreign logistics and, all too often, ultimately telling our local partners the bad news that our travelers aren’t coming. We’re honored to do this work on behalf of our valued guests. But I can’t lie—it ain’t easy. And that’s where nature comes in. Yesterday I stole away for a bike ride up Boulder’s Flagstaff Mountain, an area of protected municipal land that is astonishingly beautiful. When I mounted my bike, […]

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