Was Sexism in Science All Just a Dream?

Good news for women in science “The anti-female bias in academic hiring has ended … women in academic science are seen as more desirable hires than equally competent men.” Bad news for women in science “Scientists, both women and men, viewed the female applicant as less competent and less hirable than the identical male applicant and were less willing to mentor the female candidate than the male candidate.” So say two recent studies of hiring attitudes at work in academic science. Now what? The first quote comes from Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci, Cornell University psychology professors recently known for research seeming to confute widespread views about gender biases in academic science. This passage was the rhetorical fulcrum on which their recent op-ed on CNN.com turned, announcing results of research into gender bias based on a simulated hiring scenario in academic science. The second quote comes from “ Solving […]

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