Is K-12 Engineering Doomed?

The tail winds On nearly every front in education, the profile of engineering is rising. From learning standards to courses and extracurriculars to national tests, engineering is an increasingly prominent part of the landscape. And in colleges across the country, enrollments in engineering programs are ballooning. Against a backdrop of enduringly high STEM interest in society at large, engineering is on an extended roll. The head winds Except for this. As a new report from the National Academy of Engineering makes clear, the shine of engineering as an up-and-coming star in K-12 education might well be getting lost in a light-sucking black hole at the center — the daunting task of teaching engineering. The implications of the report, Building Capacity for Teaching Engineering in K-12 Education , raise a real question: might it actually be too hard to find, prepare, and support the teachers we need to deliver substantive […]

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