Stories from Medieval Valencia

Stories from Medieval Valencia. We tell you 5 stories from Medieval Valencia that will make you look at the city with different eyes. 1. Market Square and La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange) In Medieval Valencia , one of the most terrifying places was the Plaza del Mercado, as it was there that the executioner carried out punishments and executions. The authorities used this locale as it was one of the busiest parts of the city: the bigger the crowd, the more exemplary the punishment. On the façade of the Silk Exchange, just where the gallows were located, grotesque gargoyles stare down from the ramparts, their faces representative of sin and vice. In Medieval Valencia, most of the populace were uneducated, so these sculptures were intended to be deterrents to potential sinners. The executioner, also known as Botxí or Morro de Vaques, was a civil servant of the […]

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