5 Foods to Incorporate into Your Yogic Diet

By Simone de Villiers Travelling from Australia to India for my first 200hr yoga teacher training course , I felt nervous about my belly. So I drank all the kombucha before I left and stocked my bags with probiotics and Imodium to make sure I’d be able to cure any “Delhi Belly” I may encounter. Who knew that I was going to leave my school, Gyan Yog Breath in Rishikesh, feeling healthier (and fuller) than ever. In the town of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, everything is vegetarian. Previously a meat-eater, I was uneasy about the idea of just eating veggies and carbs for a month. I thought that having a meatless diet would leave me less energetic than usual. But the total opposite happened. I noticed that my mood improved, I was less bloated, I slept better and I was more energized. The school had chefs dedicated to […]

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