Poshmark.com on Sitejabber, Buyer and Seller beware!

If you are looking to make extra cash, don’t look to Poshmark.! I have been looking at them for the past few years and even opened an account. I recently discovered SiteJabber.com and was shocked to see the terrible reviews. Reviews are terrible, including someone spending $1,000 dollars on a Louis Vuitton purse, and receiving a purse that had been ‘modified’ with a Sharpie ! See a few of the reviews below:

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I looked at several reviews and saw the following complaints:My mom purchased me $1000 Louis Vuitton purse for Christmas. The purse was a joke and nothing like the seller described. Poshmark says a seller is suppose to disclose any defects as best as possible with their listings. This seller sold off this bag as if it were in mint condition. The bag had tears in the corners and their description of a one of a kind “vintage bag” had stars glued on and outlined in permanent marker. Poshmark claims to authenticate any bags over $500 and their authentication process is a joke! They send you a small postcard with some random person’s initials on it saying Congrats its been authenticated. Trying so hard to at least get a credit in the amount of what I paid for to use on their website since they will no longer issue me a refund. The best they were willing to do was $125!!

This person received damaged ‘shoddy’ merchandise, and was unable to receive a full refund!

I ordered a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, they came with the heel broken and I’m not sure authentic at this point. I emailed a complaint to return for a full refund and they gave me half back on credit. So, I decided to give it another try, so I ordered a jacket that came and I had it one for ONLY 1 HOUR and the whole jacket started to unravel… couldn’t believe it! I emailed them right away and they refunded me only the incremental amount paid, not a full refund. I can’t believe how terrible this site is. Not sure all the users are real either!!

This person never received their merchandise. Apparently there is no customer service representative, just automated text messages.

Poshmark is a fraudulent, scamming sight I purchase a jacket that I never received. When you contact them you Get an email that returns the same message. Every-time an automated text. No customer service representative. The sellers never return your text. I don’t know how they’ve haven’t charged with any crime or how they are still in business. I had one experience. One to many. I lost $258.68. Do not deal with this company.

This person claims that after alerting Poshmark about counterfeit items, their account was disabled.

After multiple communications with Poshmark customer service department alerting them of counterfeit/replica/bootleg items for sale on their platform, as well as their users violating copyright infringements (these scammers are dumb enough use the same photos from the Chinese knockoff off site!) they disabled my account! Suspended all listings and sales for me during the holiday season too.
The user selling the reported replica/bootleg/counterfeit items is not only STILL selling them, but she is listed as a “Poshmark Ambassador” which creates a false sense of trust.
If you’re curious, I did provide Poshmark with with concrete evidence of the replica and counterfeit items being sold.
Selling replica/counterfeit products is dangerous. Poshmark does make 20% of each sale made by the seller, but at some point the safety of their customers should more important than their profits.
These replica/counterfeit items are sold and shipped directly from companies in countries with little to no safety guidelines who don’t follow stringent American regulations. These items are non-returnable and non-refundable within three days of being delivered. Which, is most likely not a long enough time for buyers to realize they’ve been duped. But don’t tell that to customer service, or they’ll disable your account.
Not sure why this is acceptable

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