Women’s Friendships Affect Our Children: Friendship Coach Tracey Dobbins

Psychologists( and men) have long tried to answer the million dollar question- What do women want? Marketing campaigns have thrived around the women’s friendships( Diamonds are a women’s best friend); not to mention the internet jokes that pass around as ‘getting to know women.” It turns out that what […]

Back in the day, friendships between women bloomed over tea parties and get-togethers. Today, women still draw from the experience and strength of other women through social media groups. Science confirms that it is the bonds of friendship that keeps a woman healthier( not just family.)  Who wouldn’t like to have a friend you can call on without notice just to vent?

However, friendships between women are considered complicated( and now science confirms it.) There’s the friend who abruptly stopped talking to you or a nasty rumor about something your friend may have known earlier. Women’s friendships are damaged for seemingly insignificant reasons, with long-lasting effects.

Tracey Dobbins recognized this dire need among women and made it her life’s mission to help women thrive with friends. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or have a history of being bullied, or had been the most popular girl in class- Tracey finds opportunities to make life-long, deep and dependable bonds with other women. Tracey is also a contributor to the best selling parenting anthology ‘ The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know.

Kidskintha had a brief chat with Tracey. Read on…

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